I recently applied to a workshop with The Onion and had to come up with 10 headlines. I sent them 10 of the 19 below.

  1. Scientists have released data showing that stupidity is the worse underlying condition in COVID-19 patients
  2. Christ was not wearing a mask on the cross, so why should I?
  3. The new anti-homeles group that wants you to know they don’t hate homeless people
  4. Tony Lanez asks Meghan Thee Stallion to not blame him for shooting her, but to blame the gun for going off
  5. Trump gives a long rambling speech over who has more accountability to the people of the USA, him or a squirrel.
  6. All the people who thought Trump was a racist.
  7. Colleges around the U.S. admit that it’s hard to keep covid out of it’s campus but they still want your money
  8. Q-Annon to present Trump with a Nobel Peace Prize
  9. ‘They are not hate crimes if the bullet doesn’t hit them’, says Judge
  10. Olympic Court has ruled that female athletes are required to re-balance all their hormones to be more male pleasing
  11. Redneck says that Naomi Osaka is a fraud because he was expecting to see a fully Asian woman
  12. GOP sues Netflix to take down Cuties because it brings out pedophilia tendencies in their God fearing men.
  13. Anonymous police chief is hoping for another police shooting so the public can direct their anger away from his police department
  14. Woman in Michigan is suing the state because the masks mandate is a personal attack on her mask phobia
  15. White House press secretary, Kaileigh McEnany, says she wasn’t hired to answer questions that make her look bad
  16. I sent him to school sick because I wanted him out of the house: A parent’s confession
  17. Following Mickey Guyton’s performance at the ACM some country music fans admitted that Guyton would sound better to them if she had a country music “look”
  18. California man leaves suicide note saying he walked into the wildfires to prove they weren’t caused by global warming.
  19. Members of the United Nations have drafted a proposal to quarantine the U.S. from the rest of the world, indefinitely

Why they murder? Mary Flora Bell

I like researching murderers, but not because I’m obsessed with how they commit the murders. That’s just creepy and very disturbing. I’m obsessed with trying to understand why they murder. People all over the world have been subjected to horrible abuse, but they don’t all become murderers. My first person for this thread is Britain’s youngest female killer.

The Tyneside Strangler: 11-Year-Old Mary Flora Bell

In the spring of 1998, a fourteen-year-old girl and her mother were escorted from their seaside house with bed sheets over their heads to get away from a mob of reporters. The teenager found out that day that her mother’s birth name was Mary Flora Bell, who she was given a new identity after being released from HM Prison Askham Grange in 1980.

On May 25, 1968, four year old Martin Brown was found asphyxiated. Four month’s later on July 31, Brian Howe was found strangled with small cuts on his body. The police questioned 1,200 children. The answers of two girls raised concerns. The girls were Mary Flora Bell and Norma Joyce Bell, eleven and thirteen years old respectively. Although the two friends seemed to have a lot in common they were not related to each other. It wasn’t long before the girls began accusing each other, and the two were arrested on August 5, 1968 and charged with murder. Mary’s epic reply to hearing the charges was “that’s all right by me.”

Mary was born to Betty Bell, a seventeen-year-old prostitute. For most of her life she believed Billy Bell, a robber and career criminal, to be her biological father. She was raised on the rough part of Scotswood, an area of Newcastle England filled with domestic violence and crime. Billy was often out of work and in trouble with the law. Her mother, mentally unstable herself, often left Mary with relatives or friends. She once left Mary with a woman she met outside an abortion clinic. Several family members have stated that Betty attempted several times to kill Mary and make her death look accidental. Her family grew suspicious when Mary once fell from a window, and on another occasion accidentally consumed sleeping pills. One witness has said that she saw Betty giving Mary the pills as sweets. Some suspect that Betty suffered from Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, a condition where she sought attention by hurting Mary. Mary has also accused her mother of allowing men to engage in sexual acts with her daughter since the child was four.

The fall out of the window did cause brain damage to Mary’s prefrontal cortex, where decision making occurs. In school, Mary became a chronic liar and often voiced her desire to hurt people. She gained a reputation for being a show-off and proudly called herself a murderer, but nobody took her seriously.

On May 11,1968, Mary and Norma were playing with a three-year-old boy on top of a Newcastle air raid shelter when the boy fell and was severely injured. The incident was written off as an accident. The following day, the mothers of three young girls informed police that Mary had attacked and choked their children. The police interviewed and lectured Mary, but no charges were filed.

Two weeks later, two boys were playing in an abandoned house when they found the corpse of four- year-old Martin Brown in an upstairs room. With no obvious cause of death, the police ruled that Martin must have swallowed pills from a bottle of painkillers nearby his body. In the days to come Mary bragged to other children that she killed Martin, but her claims were dismissed. People thought she was just a troubled little girl desperate for attention.

The following day when a local nursery was vandalized police found four notes that made them think whoever broke in did it as a sick joke. The notes found read like this: “I murder SO THAT I may come back”, “Fuch off, we murder, watch out Fanny and Faggot”, “You are mice Y Becurse we murdered Martain Go Brown you Bete Look out there are Murders about by Fanny and auld Faggot you Screws” and “We did murder Martain Brown Fuckof you Bastard.” Later the girls revealed that Norma was “Fanny” and Mary “Faggot.” Four days later, the girls appeared at the Brown residence, asking to see Martin. When Martin’s mother reminded them of the tragedy, Mary replied, “Oh, I know he’s dead. I wanted to see him in his coffin.”

Two months later, three-year-old Brian Howe disappeared and an immediate search was mounted. The boy’s dead body was discovered at a vacant lot. His legs, stomach and genitals mutilated. On his stomach someone had tried to carve the letter “M”into his skin with a razor blade. A pair of broken scissors were found nearby.

The Medical Examiner suggested the killer might be a child, because of the little force used to strangulate him. Detectives soon began interviewing children and asking for their whereabouts the day Brian went missing. During the interviews Norma and Mary’s answers were inconsistent and raised flags. Norma kept smiling as she was questioned and appeared excited by the murder. Mary told detectives that she had seen an older boy abusing Brian, but the police placed that boy at the airport the afternoon Brian was strangled. She also said that she saw Brian playing with a pair of scissors. The scissors were confidential information the police had not released to the public. Hearing this they knew Mary had information about what had occurred. Norma was questioned a second time before Brian’s funeral, and she quickly broke down and told detectives that she saw Mary killing the boy.

During the nine days of trial court psychiatrists described Mary as “intelligent, manipulative, and dangerous.” Mary was defiant, cold, talked back to the prosecution and did not show a drop of remorse. Meanwhile, Norma presented herself as a fragile girl who tripped over her words, cried and appeared to be the slow-witted friend coerced by evil Mary. Despite the accusations they each made against one another during the trial, at times the girls would lock eyes devoid of emotions as if strengthening their bond. Eventually, the judge ordered that the girls could not have contact with each other. The dramatic spectacles of Mary’s mother disrupting the trial with sobbing and running out of the court room wailing did not help Mary’s case.

At the sentencing, the judge stated that Mary was a dangerous risk to herself and other children. Confident and self possessed Mary, based on diminished responsibility, was found guilty of the two charges of manslaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Norma was acquitted. Prisons in England were not equipped to deal with a girl murderer. Everyone scrambled to find a suitable place where the dangerous girl could serve her time. Mary was first housed with all boys at the reform school Red Bank Special Unit.

Betty visited Mary often, but the visits appeared to be a detriment to her daughter who according to staff was aggressive and appeared disturbed after her mother’s visits. Betty played at being a mother. She didn’t miss the opportunities to remind Mary of how much she suffered as the mother of a juvenile murderer.“Jesus was only nailed to the cross, I’m being hammered,” she once complained to Mary. As expected, the attention starved mother also didn’t miss the opportunity to sell stories to the tabloids and even forge notes to prove Mary’s psychotic tendencies.

Mary went through many counselors while imprisoned, but none of them really got to know her. Red Bank’s philosophy was to focus on the present, because worrying about the past was seen as detrimental. Child psychiatrists have noted that Mary appeared to have blocked out her past rather than examine why she killed, with the help of professionals.

In 1977, Mary was transferred to Moor Court prison, where she escaped with two boys. They were caught three days later. It was enough time for narcissistic Mary to try to sell the story of how she lost her virginity, to the tabloids. In 1980, at the age of twenty three Mary Flora Bell was considered reformed by the legal system and was released with a new identity. Her daughter was born in 1984, and even though Mary was allowed to raise the child, the baby became a ward of the High Court until she turned 18.

A biography of Mary’s life, Cries Unheard: The Story of Mary Bell was released in 1998. The public was furious when they found out that the author paid for her story. It’s believed that the payment was tracked to Mary, and that’s how reporters found her and her daughter’s whereabouts. Other sources say that Mary’s partner was tracked until it led reporters to Mary.

In 2001, Mary won a battle in the High Court to keep her anonymity and her daughter’s anonymity for life. She became a grandmother in 2009, and the court order was updated to include her granddaughter. Mary, her daughter and her granddaughter’s whereabouts are unknown, as it should remain as long as they continue living as law-abiding citizens of England.


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The Oversimplification of Hypocrisy

After hearing so many criticisms against the movie Mignonnes (Cuties) on Netflix, I decided to watch it. To my surprise the movie hooked me in the first 5 minutes. Spoiler The main character is an 11 yr old French-Senegalese girl growing up in a traditional Muslim house where every day she’s reminded that women are treated as second class citizen. With obvious anger and frustration she rebels and is immediately attracted to a group of girls in school who dress and dance too provocatively for their age. The more she feels things around her are spiting down – dad is about to marry his 2nd wife, mom is submissive, auntie can’t wait to teach the girl the woman’s role in their culture, etc. – she hangs on tighter to the group and being more provocative.

I’m aware that what I saw was clearly not what some people who want to boycott the movie and Netflix saw. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that if they’re having a discussion on why the movie is trash then they did watch it. People do see what they want to see. You can very well say you that you didn’t find the movie to be what I described above, and that’s fine. What I will call out on people is hypocrisy. Sometimes I don’t know better, and yesterday I posted my views on the movie on social media and was immediately told that what this movie shows has never seen before and some more colorful comments. I had to read that posts several times, especially the ones about this never been seen before. Maybe I’ve been living on another dimension but this is not new to me. Hollywood and all the film industries worldwide have made billions on dollars on the exploitation of women and children. This is not a secret and the nit picking of what is considered exploitation and what is considered tasteful art is sick and damaging.

If this movie had not been on Netflix; possibly been an indie film; or if politicians wouldn’t have been able to fit this in their agenda would they be demanding the Dept. of Justice to investigate Netflix? The same GOP that looks the other way at allegations that ICE staff is sexually abusing children at the detention centers. Why are these allegations any different? Is it because the kids detained were not on film or because they’re brown or both? If we’re going to call out child sexual abuse then let’s call out ALL child sexual abuse.

In a 1993 documentary from Nikita Mikhalkov, Anna from Six to Eighteen, Milhalkov secretly records her underage daughter for years, and in some of those scenes her daughter is completely naked. She’s gotten several awards for the films. This film should offend any decent person as much as Cuties.

It’s different if they do the same moves, but have clothes on

No, it’s not! That deserved many more exclamation marks. It’s still a child dancing provocatively. Don’t you think pedophiles have an imagination and use it to fulfill their sick fantasies. Maybe clothes make things better in your head, but at the root of the problem we have a child being sexualized. I was also told that at least the girls on Dance Mom have good choreography. Really? Abby once dressed up the girls as hookers and told them that their performance was all about boobs and ass. Just let that sink in. I’m not even going to dissect the other episodes. Let’s not forget 12 yr old Jodi Foster playing a prostitute in Taxi Driver or 11 yr old Brooke Shield in Pretty Baby the bathtub scene. I didn’t see anything tasteful in that scene. Yes those films came out over 40 years ago, but they came out.

Yes, the director of Cuties, Maimouna Gueye, made some bold choices that I personally wouldn’t make. She still didn’t do anything worse than what white male directors have done? In 1999’s American Beauty 16 year old Thora Birch goes topless (with her parents approval of course) and I’m sure the director didn’t mind at all. In 1997’s Lolita a man is in obsessed with a 12 year old girl (the actress, Dominique Swain was 15 at the time). In Interview with the Vampire, 11 year old Kirsten Dunst kissed 27 years old Brad Pitt. How many people complained about this child kissing a man 16 years her senior? Even Kirsten has said that the scene really confused her since Pitt and Cruise were like her older brothers to her on set. Guess what? The director wanted his scene and he got it.

If you cannot see how much parents are to blame for their daughters dressing provocatively then you’re lying to yourself. These girls in Cuties didn’t just start dressing this way because they saw it in a video and thought ‘hey why not?’. That’s an oversimplification of the problem. Adults failed these girls, and probably their grandparents failed those parents as well and so on. Still, this is not just a movie of how easily girls can find sexual content on the web/TV/YouTube etc., but why the girls are attracted to that content. Growing up I saw as many girls in booty shorts as anyone else my age, but I didn’t have a desire to wear that type of clothes. I don’t mean to say that my childhood was just rainbows and ponies, but I found other (unhealthy a well) ways to release that anxiety and frustration. In order to really work on fixing a problem you have to look at all reasons for the problem. Nothing is a one sided argument.

Yes, pedophiles are lurking on the web. The sad truth is that they’re not going away. We all have a social responsibility to children, and we are all failing. We make children a target for pedophiles when we ignore their cries. One example from the movie is Angelica, when she tells Amy that her parents are usually away working and the few times they are home they call her a disappointment. It’s not hard to figure out why she would dress and act older in order to get attention.

Until people are able to cancel Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and all the other sickos out there running free, then their argument doesn’t hold much water with me.

2020 so far…


Australian wild fires

59,00 buildings destroyed, at least 34 dead and 46 million acres burned. We should have gotten the hint that we’ve fucked up so much shit hit the fan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit as royal “senior” members

They got tired of the bullshit and hypocrisy, and still got to keep the money. Good for them!

The WHO announces a virus emerged in China

Not many people in the U.S. paid attention because this virus was only affecting people very far away. Most Americans can only feel empathy for something that affects them directly. Sad truth, but it’s the truth. Dr. Li Wenliang warned hospitals and his colleagues of the SARs outbreak in a message sent on Dec.30, 2019. He was silenced. Collectively humans don’t like to learn by their mistakes. Life is more enjoyable when there’s pain and suffering that could have been avoided.

Kobe Bryant’s death

Our toxic society and rape culture made a comeback, because clearly women need frequent reminders. The issue here wasn’t ignoring his accomplishments as an athlete, but people trying to use those accomplishments to diminish the fact that he raped a woman.

Impeachment trial of 45

Out of all the shit he had done the evidence of him pressuring Ukraine was the best they could find. Don’t forget to note that Tulsi Gabbard was present.


Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Ahmaud was jogging in a Georgia neighborhood when three armed men: Gregory McMichael, a former police officer and investigator,his son, Travis McMichael and William ‘Roddie’ Bryan pursued him in a pick up truck until Travis fatally shot Ahmaud. In May, the father and son were charged with aggravated assault and murder. Days later, Bryan was charged with murder and attempted false imprisonment.

Harvey Weinstein was convicted of rape and sexual abuse

Well, we got one rapist…57,778,383 more to go.

Stock market crash

I was broke before it crashed, after it crashed and I’m still broke.


COVID-19 Pandemic

Oh crap! Maybe we should have paid more attention. The virus is spreading across the globe…Oh shit we have an orange jackass for a president.

Breonna Taylor was killed at her home by police officers

Three plain clothed officers: Brett Hankinson, Miles Cosgrove, Jonathan Mattingly broke down Breonna’s door in the middle of the night to serve a no knock warrant, because they believed she had illegal drugs in the house. The police fired over 20 rounds hitting Breonna multiple times. She died on the floor of her hallway. Note that there were no illegal drugs in the house and nor Breonna or her boyfriend have a criminal record. Hankinson was fired. Cosgrove and Mattingly have been taken off the street. No charges have been filed.


Kim Jong Un death rumors

He’s never been the healthiest person alive, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he already kicked the bucket. In May, N. Korea released a photo of him at a plant opening, because who would ever fake a photo? Who knows how alive he is, but his double must be worried: first he’d be out of a job and then probably killed for looking like the dead leader and tarnishing his image, because how dare you pretend to look like a former leader? This logic works in N. Korea – RIP double. Jong Un’s sister who’s second in command is probably pulling the strings on everything that happens.


George Floyd was killed in police custody

Officers stopped Floyed because he allegedly used a counterfeit $20 bill at a convenient store. Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for 7 minutes and 46 seconds, while Floyd was laying on the ground handcuffed. Floyd died an hour later.

Black Lives Matter protests

Protests didn’t start in 2020, but racist police officers keep killing black people for sport and get away with a slap on the wrist. So people went to the streets to express their first amendment right. Sadly, looters and people not associated with BLM took advantage of the situation to vandalize cities, and served it all to the media in a silver platter.


Ghislaine Maxwell arrest

A monster in heels was finally arrested. She should count not being suicided yet as the only mercy that she deserves.


Joe Biden becomes the Democratic presidential nominee

Let’s give literacy the props it deserves. He can at least speak in complete sentences, doesn’t brag about grabbing women by the pussy, and knows covid can kill.

Kamala Harris becomes the Democratic vice president nominee

Well obviously!

Democratic National Convention

Thank God Biden remembered he’s running for president. I see you Michelle…telling it like it is!

Republican National Convention

If you’d ever wondered what you’d look like after a lobotomy and thousands of dollars in plastic surgery.

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times by Officer Rusten Sheskey

An unarmed Blake was shot in the back by Offc. Rusten Sheskey as he got in his car and his three children sat in the back seat. Blake is paralyzed from the hip down. Sheskey is on paid administrative leave and still doesn’t face any charges.

Kyle Rittenhouse plays militia

17 year old Kyle traveled from Illinois to Wisconsin with an assault rifle in order to play militia an execute innocent people in cold blood, because being a decent human being was not in his deck of cards. He shot three people killing two. Kyle has been charged with five felonies and a misdemeanor.


Jessica Krug

White Jewish lady from Kansas pretending to be a black Latina realized that her ‘black latina’ ass can’t call the cops without the possibility of getting shot. So she came clean.

Since so many crazy, bad, funny, and semi good things have happened so far in 2020 I might just keep adding to this list.

No witnesses left behind

Beating people with their baton, gasing a group of peaceful protestors, tasering an already handcuffed person would be classified as police brutality and excessive use of force. Firing 14 rounds on a person is not just a lapse of judgement. It’s intentional murder. It doesn’t take 20 rounds of shots to disable a person that is only a few feet away from you. If the cop’s aim is so bad that after 20 rounds they would have missed the person, then they shouldn’t be a cop.

These killings are intentional. Cops know that leaving the victim alive is a threat to their freedom. Rotting in a prison cell can easily turn from a nightmare into a reality. So they do what they know best. Plant evidence, create a story that makes them the victims of the scenario in imminent danger, and keep their head down. Aaron Dean, the officer who murdered Atatiana Jefferson in her home in 2019 has refused to speak to investigators. He was allowed to resigned and was later charged with her murder. He was a given the opportunity to resign despite footage that shows that he did not identify himself before shooting into Jefferson’s home. Due to COVID19 his trial has been delayed. He’s out on bail living a quiet life in Texas.

Everything trickles down. Corrupt Captains, Chiefs of Police, Lieutenants, judges and so on. They’re all to blame for the pain and fear in our communities. Even after these officers are arrested, and indicted with murder or homicide, the system will not change unless we remove the officers on top allowing people of color to be murdered like they are disposable.

Officers don’t empty their gun on someone unless if they feel they’ll be protected by the same system that put them in the street. The same system that hides evidence from the defense attorneys and victim’s family. These are the people that have a prepared speech ready because they know another case will make headlines and someone has to show their face to the public. This is the system that believes that paying millions of dollars to the family is enough restitution for the loss of their loved one. This is the system that needs to be dismantled for people of color to feel safe calling the police when they have an emergency.

America’s cash cows

I once told a coworker I didn’t have money to buy something and she said ‘come on you have money.’ I smirked and kept doing my work. As I tried to focus on the laptop screen in front of me, I couldn’t get that comment out of my head. Where the heck did my money go? One of the perks of being an older millenial is that you’ll never not worry about money. So I kept running this though my mind. Maybe I do have money, I thought. But all the money I earned from my full-time job and side hustles went towards paying rent, car, phone, and student loans.

I started to feel guilty about being broke. My mind was still racing and about 15-20 had passed. I sat there feeling ashamed and envying my coworker. wtf did I do wrong? Besides not knowing what I wanted in college and indebting myself to get a degree that would give me some guidance. Dumbest plan in the history of dumb plans. What was wrong with not knowing? Nothing, but then again I was made to feel ashamed for not having a plan. Not planning on a long term career that would give me stability.

Thousands of people in the same situation and the number keeps increasing. When I thought about being an adult the part about working to pay taxes and still not having money escaped me. ‘You shouldn’t have taken out loans if you didn’t have the money’, ‘It’s your fault for not understanding interest rates’,’Why did you go to a private university?’ and the list goes on. Well I could have avoided taking loans, so the comments are valid. It’s also valid that someone would want to pursue an education. This is the land of opportunity, right? Despite all the chaos, pain and suffering around us right now, people risk their lives to get to the U.S. because elthey know they’ll have more opportunities here. Some come alone and others (like my parents) bring their little spawns.

Debt enslavement as soon as the child turns 18. It’s not a coincidence that as soon as many of us turned 18, pre-approved credit card offers came in the mail. It is not a coincidence that the same people who tell the working class and poor that they’re not good enough because they’re a burden to society and are not contributing their fair share, are the people handing over the student loans, housing loans, payday loans, etc. It’s not a coincidence that post high school graduates are not required to complete internships/work experience in the field they want to study in college. Wouldn’t it be great if graduates got first hand experience to determine if they really like doing the work? It would be to too good to be true. A poll by BestColleges showed that 61% of graduates would get a different major if they could.

The 1% tell us that we don’t work hard enough, but since basic math always come to the rescue, we know that 1% out of 100% cannot be doing all the work in this country. We are the majority putting in hours, not taking our time off work, missing out on important events, putting off doctor’s appointment, dealing with abusive bosses, clients, coworkers. Still, we’re getting poorer. We’re working ourself go exhaustion to make the 1% more money. To allow them to continue living in their comfortable houses and distorted reality.

Survey Finds Most College Grads Would Change Their Major. Reece Johnson. February 27,2002. BestColleges.com

“Me, Mia Lee” Book Signing Shuts Down Melrose Avenue

Bri Ribalta | August 30, 2020

Available in the US & UK

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Fans stand outside of Dumn Bookstore where Mia Lee will be signing copies of her new book “Me, Mia Lee.” The line of devoted fans extends for blocks. Some people have been saving their spot in line for days. I came last week, said Tyler. The owner of the business next door threw a bucket of water at me while I was sleeping. I guess he thought I was homeless. So I camped out in the alley until two days ago. Mia Lee’s fans have also come from around the world to meet her. Monica arrived from Russia three days ago. The woman was dressed from head to toe in a blue sequin bodysuit. An exact replica of the bodysuit Mia Lee wore during her 2016 tour in Germany. It’s been a life long dream to meet such an iconic woman. My wife is having our second baby today. I’m so happy our baby boy will be able to share this special day with Mia Lee – she continues. Monica’s phone vibrates and she jumps with joy. He was born – she yells, and the crowd applauds.

In 2014, Mia Lee’s first single ‘I love’ made the Billboard Top 10 in it’s first week. Since then, the pop star’s successful career unfolded before our eyes. I feel like she gets me, you know – said Terry as tears rolled down her face. My 80 year old nana is having a book launching party at our home right now. She’s been writing it for about 30 years and finally the family pulled in enough money to get it published. I’m standing in line for my nana. I’ll give her one of the signed copies, for inspiration. Terry began crying.

As a black SUV approaches fans get more anxious. Mia Lee’s security team creates a barricade for Mia Lee to walk inside the bookstore. She’s wearing oversized sunglasses and her signature jumper dress.  Fans are still in shock after being so close to their idol. They will never forget this day.

All police officers and all white people are not evil or racists. I believe that we are all in danger of being infected by racist and evil views in this society. That includes police officers coming into the police force and realizing that in order to fit in with their colleagues and their work environment they need to dehumanize their suspects who are black or brown. When we start dehumanizing people we start disconnecting ourselves from reality. The color of skin or type of hair is just design. We all bleed red.

Being Afro-latina I’ve had first hand experiences with colorism from the Latino community. We’ve been conditioned to want European features and hate ourselves if we don’t possess them. People will dig up their family tree to find at least one family member with European roots, and bring up these findings every chance they get. Women are praised for marrying someone of lighter skin, because they are ‘improving’ the race and their children will now be lighter and have ‘better’ hair.

Having darker skin doesn’t make you less than anyone else. For too long Latinos have been taught that darker people are the butt of jokes. Pay attention to our vocabulary, songs, and sayings and you’ll see how frequently Latinos degrade people of African roots. I bet that some phrases are so common, you didn’t think twice about it. For instance this saying: ‘Me tienen como un esclavo’ = They have me like a slave. I’ve heard it so frequently from Cubans that they don’t even bat an eyelash when throwing this out in front of me. In songs, people of African ancestry are depicted as being out of control, enraged with little cause and having animalistic qualities.

Parents complain about their child’s dark skin without hesitation. Latinos are afraid to tell their white and black Latino kids, yes you are a black Latino. Instead, they focus on the characteristic the child has due to their white side. We’ve been taught that the word negro/negra is bad. When referring to someone that they don’t like Cubans will say ese(a) negro(a) and when referring to someone they like they’d say ‘mulato(a)’ or ‘persona de color’.

Some Latinos even deny having African or indigenous roots, despite of how absurd it sounds to be a ‘pure’ Latino with European blood running through your veins. Why are we praising Europeans who saw the Indians in Latin America and the Caribbean as animals, raped women, destroyed and burned their villages, and ultimately tried to exterminate their culture? Then captured Africans as if they were animals and brought the ones who ‘survived’ to work the land they had stolen from the Indians. Ultimately, also killing, raping and trying everything in their power to exterminate their culture and beliefs.

Black and brown people exacerbate the problem of racism against us when we don’t love ourselves. Why should someone who already has preconceived notions treat us better, if they see how quick we are to align ourselves with our oppressors? Spread the love you wish to receive. Peace!✌🏾

Press Conference of Chief of Police Ashol Wyte to refute allegations that Koscan police officers are racists Transcript

28 August 2020 | Bri Ribalta

ASHOL WYTE: Good morning and thank you for being here on this beautiful Tuesday morning, granted to us by our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I’m Chief of Police, Ashol Wyte. First, I stand here to ease tensions around the nation by clarifying some disturbing allegations that have been made against the Koscan Police Department. I tell you with all sincerity that Koscan nor the rest of America has a place for racist police officers. We do not condone racism in any form. Misguided people around the country are trashing cities because of this fallacy. It is my belief that chaos has erupted in this nation because some people are deviating from their place in society. Efforts across the board to address this issue have been futile. Residents of Koscan have seen the vandalism of the ‘Harrison Lynching’ statue in front of City Hall. That statue is a symbol of fear, respect and obedience and shall always stand in its place to remind our black and brown residents of their place in this country.

My officers don’t shoot unless they have a good reason. It is a fact of nature that black and brown people are threatening. When you come in close proximity to my white officers you are threatening their life, and it is my job to keep my officers safe. If you are black or brown and my officers stop you, you are guilty. It’s the law in this state. Koscan police officers are not racists, because they are upholding the law. White officers make mistakes because we are human, and should not be held accountable for those mistakes, because they are just mistakes.

Misinformation has plagued our state with the help of social media. Nowhere in the history books does it say that anyone but white Europeans built the United States. Needless to say, we are going to fight to keep our beautiful country from being tainted and destroyed. Being passionate about protecting our beautiful land from attackers is not racism. If you’re black or brown just do what the officers tell you to do, and you might not get shot. It’s up to the discretion of the officers how they want to deal with each situation. At the end of the day, staying alive is up to you. Thank you.

This transcript was provided by the Koscan Office of Right Truth

It’s much easier to align with the oppressor than feel constantly ignored and abused because of the color of your skin. When you align with your oppressor, you’re telling yourself you’re no longer a victim. Who wants to live in a state of constant vigilance – jumping through hoops to make white people comfortable around you? No one does.

The common denominator here is fear. Some BIPOCs are not afraid to admit that there is systemic racism in America. Others prefer to live in a bubble where everyone is treated equally; therefore, you make your own merit. We do not live in a meritocracy and if you’re old enough to read this, I’m sure that you’ve had enough examples to see it for yourself.

So retreat to your cocoon or keep on your blindfold to cast out all the unjust treatments of people of color. No one wants a Judas warrior on their side. Keep your head down, if you must. The rest of us got this!

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