The landlord showed up at their home with a gun, put zip ties into them, a pillow case over their head and dumped them in a rural cemetery 30 miles away. Here’s a link to the article. Daaaaaamn… I wonder if he came up with the plan over dinner.

Wife: Douglas, stop complaining about the state ban on evictions. If you want them out so bad then kidnap them or something. *laughs* But before you go take out the trash.

Douglas gets up and leaves.

Wife: Douglas, if you’re stepping out take the trash with you… Douglas?

That’s just one take, but I can spend the whole day coming up with scenerios. We don’t know the history between the tenants and this landlord. Maybe Douglas has been running this plan through his head for 10 years now. Maybe the tenants are not nice people, and they sure got a wake up call. Or maybe Douglas has been an asshole from the start. I doubt the Albany police can fill us in on those details, but we can all speculate.

Let this be a lesson to all tenants. Times are tough, but don’t be an asshole either. Landlords have bills to pay as well. They’re just the middle man or middle woman between tenants and the building’s owner. Those are most of the time the rich fuckers that you should be getting mad at if you don’t like something. So be nice and avoid a zip tie.

Published by Bri Ribalta

Negra ✊🏾 comedian/writer - what a combo! Born in Cuba, citizen of Miami, living in LA. I like dog, cats, boxes and monkeys! Follow me on social media.

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