An anti-abortion protestor in North Carolina accidentally shot himself in the leg during a protest outside an abortion clinic. So much for a peaceful protest. Every wonder how these pious conservatives are so pro-gun, most probably love their guns more than their significant other, but the gun just keeps turning against them. It’s like you took the gun in case that your “freedom was attacked” and you have a right to protect yourself yada yada yada, but then your armor ends up shooting you in the leg. Can you take a hint? Clearly not! That protestor probably blamed the wrath of God over the abortion clinic for the gun going off. I wish I could add emojis right now, but since I can’t I shall describe them: eye roll, face palm, tears coming out of side ways laughing face, tears rolling down from face* He only suffered minor injuries and was charged for having a firearm at a peaceful protest. Let me be clear when I say that even if he had been seriously injured by the gun shot I would still be laughing my ass off. We are not in the wild wild west, but if you plan to walk around like we are, I don’t think that doctors and nurses should drop everything to treat your stupid ass. They already have a lot on their plate since people keep coming to the ER and yeah because we’re technically still in a pandemic — Pandemic 2.0. So don’t be stupid.

Published by Bri Ribalta

Negra ✊🏾 comedian/writer - what a combo! Born in Cuba, citizen of Miami, living in LA. I like dog, cats, boxes and monkeys! Follow me on social media.

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